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April 25, 2024

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Maharashtra’s Accelerator for Artificial Intelligence (MAAI)
Education • Engineering • Entrepreneurship

MAAI has a vision to make Maharashtra a worldwide powerhouse of AI.

And in order to achieve the vision, we will

  • Aid education of AI across Maharashtra
  • Enable engineering solutions for local needs
  • Encourage entrepreneurship

We have 3 verticals identified. Objectives and goals for each vertical are defined below.


Goal: Arm students with the latest in AI by the time they graduate from college

Key activities

  • Conduct in-person and virtual teaching camps from worldwide experts.
  • Engage with local Maharashtra colleges to incorporate AI.
  • Influence curriculum by providing technical expertise to colleges and government is an initiative of Garje Marathi Global that focuses on programs that are related to the trends, challenges and opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Goal: Enable students to think like a problem solver by building engineering

Key activities

  • Conduct hackathons in Maharashtra colleges based on AI.
  • Provide projects ideas and technical guidance to students.
  • Provide compute resources and mentoring for successful completion.


Goal: Encourage student entrepreneurs to start a business

Key activities

  • Business plan competitions in colleges across Maharashtra
  • Panel of mentors to advise on AI
  • Students in Maharashtra will get
    • connects with worldwide AI technical and product experts
    • connects with US industry partners and customers
    • connects with investors

Our Projects

  • AI Ignite – Summer of Code Challenge 2024
  • Advancing AI – Boot camp on building applications using generative AI/LLM

MAAI Structure

Chapter leads in Maharashtra

  • Connect with local entrepreneurs and colleges interested in adopting AI
  • Act as a local evangelist

Core team (US)

  • Brings business and technical expertise in AI software, hardware, infrastructure and
  • applications via industry executives, engineers and academicians
  • Manages the group and activities

Advisors and mentors (Worldwide)

  • Experts in AI, successful entrepreneurs, analysts, investors
  • Work frequently with the core team

Recognized investors and industry executives (Worldwide)

  • Provide time to time contributions

How can you help?

  • Sign up as mentors, advisors, investors
  • Help us connect with cloud providers to gain access to GPU compute
  • Help us collect marathi data from various Marathi books, newspapers and other sources
  • If you are an expert in AI, you could become an ambassador of MAAI in Maharashtra and spread AI knowledge
  • Help us with AI project ideas

For more information:

Anand Joshi: LinkedIn
Nikhil Patil: LinkedIn
Vishal Karnik: LinkedIn
Nikhil Sukhtankar: LinkedIn

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