Garje Marathi Excellence Summit: Vision and Implementation

Garje Marathi Team

October 31, 2023

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Date: Friday, 17 November, 2023, 05:30 PM to 08:30 PM
Location: Redwood Hall, Mountain View Community Center, S.Rengstroff Ave. Mountain View. CA

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We are inviting  all today’s and tomorrow’s executives, corporate leaders & Entrepreneurs from the Bay Area, who relate to Garje Marathi Global’s purpose. At the core, GMG always believed in ‘giving back’ to the beloved motherland through collaborative efforts of the community, knowledge sharing, helping each other to grow and celebrate the success of our fellow members. This purpose is multi-dimensional, and it has sharpened even further after multiple discussions with successful high achieving individuals during and beyond the highly successful GMG Excellence Summit, 2023 at Milpitas.

Based on suggestions and interactions with industry leaders, GMG has decided to focus on six areas, we are calling it a ‘Hexagonal’ approach to succeed.

We all will discuss and firm action plan during this meeting

  1. Enabling access to capital for growth stage entrepreneurs through |
    GMG Venture Catalysts Speakers:
    Naresh Apte/Sonali Sambhus
  2. Identifying women as a change agent and drivers of future growth through 
    GMG Women Entrepreneurship Program
    Speakers: Sonali Sambhus/ Yogitas Parulekar
  3. The NextGen Entrepreneurship, students who want to be employment giver than employment seeker through 
    GMG Eklavya Program
    Speaker : Anand Ganu
  4. Helping startups to achieve their next, through 
    GMG Accelerator Mentoring Program
    Speaker : Dr. Sanjay Bhandari
  5. Make youths ready to be industry productive through 
    GMG Job Ready Program
    Speakers: Jay Kulkarni /Kunal Navale
  6. Collective impact on 1% GDP of Maharashtra through collaborations
    Speaker : Sandeep Padhye

I strongly believe you are one of those fine leaders who are capable of leading one of these focus areas or be an active core member in the group. I will be glad to share more details on each of these focus areas as a next step based on your confirmation and willingness. My earnest request to you is to consider being the change leader and be an influencer to achieve the ‘hexagon’ of success.

Looking forward to your valued participation at Friday 17 November Meeting. 

17 november venue

Venture Catalyst

GMG Venture Catalysts

Enable access to capital for the growing entrepreneurs from Maharashtra 


The startup ecosystem in Maharashtra is thriving! Pune, recently crowned the #1 emerging startup hub in India with $4.5Bn in funding, is a testament to this. Talent from Maharashtra, both within and outside India, is not only abundant but increasingly driven to make a meaningful impact through entrepreneurship.

Simultaneously, considerable wealth resides beyond India’s borders, with a growing interest among NRIs to invest in Indian startups and partake in their growth journey. The recent GMG summit exemplified this, with startups securing funding from angel investors, underscoring a genuine and substantial appetite.

What’s currently lacking is a connecting bridge between startups seeking capital and investors eager to invest. The GMG Venture Catalysts initiative aims to fill this gap, fostering connections that facilitate investment.

In essence, prosperity begets more prosperity. Consequently, GMG Venture Catalysts has the potential to contribute significantly to the growth of Maharashtra’s GDP.”


This initiative operates akin to a two-sided marketplace. On one facet, we welcome startups linked with Maharashtra, both domestically and internationally, seeking capital. On the other facet, we engage with angel and venture investors associated with Maharashtra.


This initiative facilitates startups in pitching their ideas to investors for potential investment. GMG Venture Catalysts will conduct preliminary due diligence to ensure startup authenticity and trustworthiness.

Investors gain access to a variety of startup investment opportunities and are responsible for their independent due diligence. The platform serves as a bridge and connector, refraining from involvement in deal specifics and disclaiming liability for investment outcomes.


The core team should ideally comprise seasoned investors, venture capitalists, M&A experts, serial entrepreneurs, and operationalizing experts from both India and the US. Importantly, we seek individuals passionate about this cause, willing to contribute their time and talent for its advancement

Women Entrepreneurship Accelerator

GMG Women Entrepreneurship Accelerator 

We believe in women as change agents and drivers of future economic growth


Women entrepreneurs often face barriers such as limited networks, knowledge gaps, and access to high-value markets, hindering the reach and impact of their ventures. Research highlights that men typically benefit from broader social connections, providing them with more opportunities, information, and valuable contacts compared to women.

In the United States, a mere 2% of venture-funded companies are led by women. Similarly, in India, Maharashtra, and globally, the representation of women-led ventures remains disappointingly low.

With this initiative, our aim is to break down these barriers by providing women entrepreneurs with essential guidance, coaching, and access to experienced advisors. Through this support system, we empower these capable entrepreneurs to achieve greater success in their respective ventures


Numerous women entrepreneurs across diverse sectors stand to gain from a program of this nature.

To kickstart this initiative, the proposed approach revolves around spotlighting women entrepreneurs affiliated with Maharashtra who embody the spirit of ‘Built by MH, Made for the World.’ These startups aspire to market their products and elevate their businesses in the US, Europe, or other international arenas. It is the belief that we in GMG are currently best positioned to accelerate startups in this category and hence the focus.  While the entrepreneurs may be situated globally, a meaningful connection with Maharashtra is essential.

As the initiative evolves and the team flourishes, the outreach can gradually extend to a broader audience.”


Garje Global Innovation Academy has already curated compelling content, coaching, and resources for entrepreneurs, all of which can be extended to startups. To initiate this effort, we propose launching a GMG Innovation cohort with a dedicated focus on women-led startups.

Moreover, a wealth of content and resources is readily and freely available through accelerators like YC and others, as well as via media channels such as podcasts. A centralized repository of such content can be created and offered to participants.

Recognizing that each startup faces unique challenges and opportunities, the true value of an accelerator lies in personalized coaching and guidance. This will be facilitated through a ‘Accelerator Mentor Network,’ featuring highly qualified mentors and advisors worldwide. Starting initially in the US, this network can eventually expand. A mentor-matching capability will need to be developed to identify mentors based on each startup’s specific needs. These mentors will serve as advisors and may progress to advisory or board member roles.

As the initiative matures, we can aim to broaden services to encompass access to capital, potentially through the establishment of a GMG Futures Fund.


The optimal core team should consist of seasoned investors, venture capitalists, M&A experts, serial entrepreneurs, and operationalization specialists. Crucially, we seek individuals passionate about this cause, willing to generously contribute their time and talent.

Ekalvya : To Promote Entrepreneurship

Ekalvya : An initiative by Garje Marathi Global in conjunction with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad , and ‘Sakal Foundation’ to promote Entrepreneurship amongst youths and women in interior of Maharashtra.

Model: Virtual Classroom, implementation through ‘Train the Trainer’ model

A.  Soft Skills:

1.    Communication Skills: Written and verbal ( Email writing, Essay writing, Report writing, Content Creation)

2.    Leadership Skills

3.    Team Building

4.    Art of negotiation

5.    Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management

B.  Entrepreneurial Skills

1.      Idea Generation/ Ideation/ Design Thinking :brainstorm and refine business ideas. Encourage creativity and critical thinking.

2.    Business Planning: How to create a comprehensive business plan, including market research, financial projections, and marketing strategies.

3.    Market Research: Understanding the target market, competition, and identifying opportunities and gaps in the market.

4.    Financial Literacy: Managing finances, budgeting, and securing funding or investment for the ventures.

5.     Networking: How to build a professional network by connecting with potential mentors, investors, and industry experts.

6.    Legal and Regulatory Compliance: legal requirements of starting and operating a business, such as licenses, permits, and intellectual property rights.

7.     Marketing and Branding: Branding, digital marketing, and customer acquisition strategies.

8.    Risk Management: Importance of risk assessment and mitigation strategies in entrepreneurship.

9.    Leadership and Team Building: Leadership skills, team management, and the importance of a strong team in a startup.

10.   Resilience and Adaptability: Entrepreneurial challenges and how to bounce back from failures and setbacks.

11.  Ethical Business Practices: The significance of ethical conduct, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability in business.

12. Technology and Innovation:  Emerging technologies and innovation trends that can give a competitive edge.

13. Pitching and Presentation Skills: Persuasive communication skills for pitching ideas to investors and customers.

14. Time Management and Productivity: Time management techniques and tools to balance  entrepreneurial journey with other responsibilities.

15. Mental Health and Well-being: Strategies for managing stress, maintaining a work-life balance, and staying mentally healthy while pursuing entrepreneurship.

16. Success Stories:* Success stories of young entrepreneurs who have achieved their goals to inspire and motivate.

17. Global Perspective: Think globally and explore international markets and opportunities.

18. Feedback and Iteration: Importance of seeking feedback and iterating on the products or services based on customer input.

19. Financial Goal Setting: Setting realistic financial goals and milestones for the businesses.

20.  Community Engagement: To give back to their communities and contribute to social and economic development.

C.  Key Target Areas: Grass-root Innovation

1.    Waste to wealth: Up-cycling, creative reuse, transforming waste materials

2.   Water conservation and management: This could include topics such as rainwater harvesting, grey-water reuse, and ways to reduce water consumption

3.   Sustainable agriculture: This could include topics such as organic farming, agroforestry, and conservation of traditional seed varieties. Vertical Farming, tiny/ backyard farms

4.   Natural resource management: This could include topics such as forestry, wildlife conservation, and sustainable use of local resources such as water and minerals.

5.   Community development: This could include topics such as community organization, leadership development, and ways to build stronger, more resilient rural communities.

6.   Health and sanitation: This could include topics such as clean drinking water, sanitation facilities, and ways to improve public health in rural areas.

Collective 1% of Maharashtra GDP How

Garje Marathi Team Bay Area: Lead by Example.  Ensuring positive impact on Maharashtra’s GDP through personal and community growth.

In 2022-23, Maharashtra’s state GDP was nearly $425 billion. In July this year, an Economic Advisory Committee headed by Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran proposed a blueprint to make Maharashtra a $1 trillion economy by 2028

The gross domestic product (GDP) of California was about 3.59 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022, 

Job Ready Boot Camp 

Garje Marathi budget allocation :- $20000/- ($ Twenty Thousands)

Target : To train 100 young engineers from interior of Maharashtra and get them employment in companies that can potentially give them overseas postings.

Duration: 90 days

 Uday Ghare  is going to train one batch free of cost. We should use his model. I shall invite him for our next meeting

Please schedule a meeting for this (or discuss during this Sunday Meeting)]

  1. List of companies
    like Kunal Navale’s or Jay Kulkarni NetServe, Anandsagar Shiralkar , Sunil Kulkarni ……….
    These companies are going to get benefited from the program.
    They will help us and even sponsor to some extent
    We should take their help in structuring the course/ curriculum, selection process, physical location etc
    They can take some lectures as well US , Japan, Germany , UK based companies will certainly attract good students
  2. List of companies that can offer the training program :
    Anand Kulkarni : Krios Info Solution, One company that has already given quotation. , we should identify at least 5-6 institutions that can offer this training program
    English Training is most important : We should have separate arrangement for this
    Institute charges 80000/- Rs per student === 40000 Student pays when he/she get job in first 6 months (as guaranteed by Garje Marathi Global), Garje Marathi pay 15000 in two installments and Student pay 10000 up front and the institution gives 15000 discount as we will be giving bulk business
  3. Enrolling students:
    Let us indentify 12 colleges and from each college 8-10 students who have done exceptionally well in studies . We will interview these students

With Sincere Regards


Anand Ganu, Founder President Garje Marathi Global Inc.

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Garje Marathi Global Excellence Summit 2023

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July 29, 2023

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