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March 28, 2024

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The 2nd Garje Marathi Excellence summit will be held at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison, New Jersey 08837 on Saturday 03 and Sunday 04 August 2024.

GMG Excellence Summit 2023: A Grand Success

The GMG Excellence Summit 2023 in Milpitas, California was an extraordinary triumph, bringing together Marathi high achievers from around the world.

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Last year, GMG Excellence Summit was held on 29-30 July 2023 in San Francisco, USA. Over 550 participants, professionals from various countries attended this 2-day event and GMG was honoured to have Padma Vibhushan Dr. Mashalkar as a keynote speaker along with other eminent speakers.

Success of last year’s event inspired us to pledge to create USD 10 billion impact to Maharashtra’s GDP by year 2030, through its rapidly expanding members, and helping entrepreneurs to achieve global business, also to help professionals to do their ‘next’.

GMG Global Excellence Summit of Entrepreneurs to be held on 03-04 August 2024 in New Jersey, USA. This will be the Summit of Entrepreneurs, Academician, Mentors, Subject experts, and Professionals.

Hon. Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman of Praj Industries has kindly agreed to be our Guest Speaker at this conference guiding over 1500 professionals, inviting them to innovate and invest in Maharashtra.

There will be other eminent speakers from eight fast growing sectors like FinTech, Pharma, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Sports, Sustainability, Supply Chain and Artificial Intelligence which can unveil various business opportunities globally and inspire these entrepreneurs.

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This 2-day Excellence Summit in New Jersey, USA is designed carefully to deliver intellectual, innovative, and very enriching experience to everyone,

The Panel discussions, interactive sessions will be held on following verticals in Breakout Rooms

  • Startups, Entrepreneurship, Funding (Venture Catalyst), Women Entrepreneurship, Meet the mentors, Meet the investors, Startups booths and exhibits.
  • Career Progression for students and mid-career progression (Job Ready, Virtual academy)
  • B2B – Business Networking and geographical expansion in US and India
  • Technology – AI and its impact on different business verticals
  • FinTech and IT Services
  • SMB Ventures
  • Pharma and Health Technology
  • Implementation of GMG Vision 2030 through GMG Chapters world-wide and GMG Foundation India
  • मी आणि माझा जिल्हा Connecting global Marathi with home district of Maharashtra
  • Marathi Leadership Forum: Creating value for people who are in corporate jobs

Open Mike:

There will be an ‘Open Mike’ session on both days for the limited number of presenters. If interested, contact: [email protected].

Exhibitor Booths:

We will have a limited number of Exhibitor Booths, offered on a first-come, first-served basis, if interested, contact: [email protected].

e-Book and Visiting Card:

We are going to publish a compilation of short profiles of the summit delegates in e-Book form. If you are interested then provide your details in Google Form GMGES 2024 Delegate’s profile

Each delegate will be given QR Code based Virtual Visiting Card.

The e-book will have profiles of only those who submit this Google form and do so before 15 July 2024. The QR Code based Virtual Visiting Card will be generated for only those who submit this Google form and do so before 15 July 2024.

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Garje Marathi Global Excellence Summit 2023

Bay Area, California USA
July 29, 2023

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