Artificial Intelligence mentoring workshop: Prof Ajit Jaokar

Garje Marathi Team

May 6, 2023

Now in the fourth edition, the popular Artificial Intelligence workshop is back at Garje Marathi.

Based on a format developed by Ajit Jaokar as part of his teaching, this time the format is more open to even those who are domain experts (and not necessarily developers).

For the first time, we also cover generative AI (GPT-3/chatGPT) for use in developing applications (this is in the news now)


Artificial Intelligence(AI) is based on learning from data

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle

You learn from a specific road (in this case data) – such that you can apply the learnings to any other road (in the case of AI – to data you have not seen before)

The methodology used in this workshop to teach AI is based on the core concept of using algorithms to learn from data to solve business problems/case studies.

It covers the main machine learning and deep learning algorithms based on motivating business problems (/regression, classification, clustering, and multi-layer perceptrons/deep learning).

You will work in small groups comprising a mixture of domain experts and developers to analyze problems for learning from data.

You will also work with generative AI(GPT-3) for the application development and design of your AI.

In the methodology session, you will cover Building AI applications using large language models using OpenAI, GPT, and chatGPT.


Format of 2 hrs on a Sunday over six weeks, Six Sundays starting for 05 March 2023, India time 8.00 to 10.00 AM.

Session One: Introduction and Concepts.
Session Two: Methodology of learning from data and four motivating business problems (for the four subsequent sessions).
Session Three: Regression.
Session four: Classification.
Session five: Clustering.
Session Six: Multi-layer perceptrons.

In the last four sessions, you will work in groups – where domain experts will specify test cases for problems and jointly develop with paired developers.

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